Rules and Regulations

Participants’ Terms and Conditions for the Digital Innovation Competition

Dialog Axiata PLC (“Dialog”) is conducting an Innovation Competition (“Competition”) focused on creating digital solutions. The following are the Terms and Conditions applicable to the participants.


1.1. The Digital Innovation Competition (“Competition”) is open to any Sri Lankan citizen above the age of 16.

1.2. Participants can enter the Competition either as individuals or as teams. Teams may consist of up to a maximum of five (5) members.

1.3. Employees of Dialog, its subsidiary companies, and their immediate family members, as well as anyone involved in the organization or judging of the Competition, are not eligible to participate.


2.1. To participate in the Competition, participants must register by completing the online registration form available on the Competition website <URL>.

3.Innovation Requirements

3.1. The submitted innovation must use digital technologies or tools to effectively address problems faced by Sri Lankan communities within industry domains, including but not limited to healthcare, food and agriculture, fintech, logistics and transport, manufacturing, energy and utility management, service management, and education.

3.2. The concept, whether it is a new product or an upgrade to an existing product, should be original and free from any infringement upon intellectual property rights of third parties. Participants must ensure that all materials and content included in their submission are original and are not subject to dispute by any 3rd party.

4.Judging Criteria and Decision Finality

4.1. Dialog reserves the right to determine the judging criteria for the Competition and to select and shortlist concepts based on those criteria. 

4.2. The decision of the judges will be final and binding, and no appeals or further correspondence will be accepted or entertained. The evaluation and selection process of DDIC is designed to create an open, accountable, multi-step selection process based solely on the merit of the submitted products or services. All submissions shall receive the same opportunity for evaluation. Each eligible application will be thoroughly evaluated by industry experts and ecosystem partners nominated by the organizer, and their decisions will be considered final. By participating in the Competition, contestants acknowledge and agree to accept the decisions of the judges as  final.

5.Intellectual Property and Privacy

5.1. The organizers will handle participants’ submissions in accordance with the applicable legal provisions relating to data protection and data privacy and subject to Clause 5.3, will maintain confidentiality with respect to the same. The organizers will implement measures to protect the confidentiality of the submitted materials, ensuring limited access only to authorized individuals involved in the evaluation process. Participants’ submissions will not be disclosed to any third party without his/her prior consent, except as required by law or regulation.

5.2. While Dialog will make every effort within its control to protect the submissions by participants and to maintain confidentiality with respect to the same as stated above, the participants should understand and accept the possibility of similar concepts being independently submitted by multiple participants. The Such submissions should not be interpreted as a violation of obligations of confidentiality by Dialog and the participants hereby agree and acknowledge that no liability shall be imposed on Dialog..

5.3. During the latter part of the Competition, shortlisted concepts may be disclosed to the public through promotional materials and through a reality television show produced as part of the Competition. Participants hereby agree to the disclosure of their submissions for such promotional purposes as and when requested by Dialog in the event of being shortlisted at such stage of the Competition.

Responsibility and Indemnification

6.1. Participants are solely responsible for the originality of their concept and should ensure that they have not copied or stolen their concept/s from a third party/parties. 

Participants shall fully indemnify Dialog against any claims demands and /or actions brought by third parties in relation to their submitted concepts and/or any losses incurred by Dialog in relation to the same.

6.2. In the event of a dispute around the originality of a submission, Dialog reserves the right to disqualify the submission from the Competition.

Disputes and Resolution

7.1. Dialog reserves the right to decide the course of action to be followed in case of disputes or claims related to submitted concepts or any other aspect of the Competition.  

By entering the Competition, participants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and accept the decisions of Dialog and its judges as final.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time at the discretion of Dialog, and it is the participants’ responsibility to stay informed about any changes.